The Proposal: Part 2

In [intlink id=”13756″ type=”post”]Part 1[/intlink] of the proposal we had just seen some pretty fish at Birch Aquarium and were just leaving dinner at Spread, happy and full and ready for our third stop on the itinerary! After about 20 minutes, we arrived here:



[Well, okay, it didn’t REALLY look like this, it was dark, but this is what it looks like in the daytime. :) Voila! The Hotel del Coronado! It is rumored to be haunted, which depending on what type of person you are, is either cool or creepy.]

3. Getting Engaged on the Beach at Hotel Del

It was very warm for January, so we grabbed some ice cream and took a walk on the beach. And while we were walking under the moonlight holding hands, he told me had something to ask me, and that’s when he actually got down on one knee! I don’t remember what he said exactly, but I remember saying “Of course!”

It was a very happy and private moment between the two of us.

And of course, what proposal story would be complete without a ring?


[I couldn’t stop staring at my ring for a very long time. It was beautiful! We met with artist Sarah Perlis in New York to design it, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. As a bonus, Sarah uses recycled gold and ethically mined diamonds.]

To celebrate our engagement, we had the ultimate buffet of food in the morning. Which brings us to our last stop on the proposal weekend extravaganza…

4. Brunch at the Crown Room

Have you ever been in a room that had every food item you could think of, and you could have as much as you want? That’s how brunch at the Crown Room felt. Not only could we have all we could eat, we could have all that we could drink! That meant all drinking–champagne, tea, mimosas, cranberry juice, Coke, pomegranate juice, shirley temples, espresso, hot cocoa and the list goes on and on and on and on and on!


[The Crown Room’s ceiling was covered in these beautiful chandeliers.]


[The bottomless mimosa in all its glory!]


[The hotel’s own special champagne]


[That vat next to the candied apples? Hot apple cider.]


[Yup, that’s a crab leg.]


[And that’s our table after we ate the crab legs.]


[All you can eat candy! It’s like someone giving you a free pass to the Sweet Factory.]


[Mmmm…pink macaroons! Everything tastes better when pink.]


[I needed the tea and miniature honey (isn’t it cute??) to digest.]

And that brings us to the end of the proposal recap! It was official–we were engaged, and all of the sudden all of that wedding research I had been doing didn’t seem so silly anymore. It’s like the flood gates opened and I was able to actually make plans.

And that’s what I started doing. Right after I digested the french toast, the sushi, and the king crab legs I had for breakfast.