What Not to Wear

We’re getting married in late August in a garden on a farm on the banks of a river in central Pennsylvania. Our ceremony is under a canopy of trees, and our reception is under a white tent with cocktails and mingling between the two on a poolside patio. Dinner is buffet style BBQ. And to get from one site to another, guests will have to walk along a sloping dirt path. If you were a invited to our wedding, what would you wear?

This question has been asked by more than a few guests. Yes, it’s a less formal affair than a traditional wedding in a Catholic church with a sit-down dinner among chandeliers and a string quartet. Tuxedos and ball gowns would not be appropriate. But it’s a wedding; it’s more than a picnic on the river (not that there’s anything wrong with combining the two). Shorts and polo shirts would not be appropriate for this soirée.

Our website includes the following message: “Dress is less formal than black tie, but more formal than jeans. It would be appropriate for men to wear shirts and ties (and jackets, if you wish) and ladies to wear sun dresses. Please also choose dress shoes that you’ll be comfortable wearing in a garden on the banks of the Susquehanna River. Emily suggests flats or wedge heels for the ladies.”

How are you planning to share wardrobe suggestions with your guests?