MIA, not the singer

Hey guys, I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I had some crisis to deal with and now I’m back in the game. I feel like everything is changing and that’s definitely frustrating but I’ll be so happy on October 4th when everything is done, I can relax, and I’ll be married. It really is all about us, and I wish people (relatives especially) wouldn’t get so stressed out about timelines, traditions, and knowing all of the details. It just stresses us out more. I am aware, that I am probably a parent’s nightmare when it comes to a wedding, because Garrett and I don’t seem to want anything normal.

Some of Garrett’s friends here in Birmingham decided to throw us an engagement party in August, which is great, and I’m excited! But we didn’t like the idea of it turning into a present giving shower so we vetoed that part. I do really love presents, which probably stems from being a younger sister and materialistic, but Garrett and I don’t really need many things. Our apartment is cramped as is, and I really want our kitchen stocked with things like kitchenaid mixers and food processors and the like, but beyond that, we don’t need people to buy us a bunch of things. I still made registries, because I know people like to buy off them, and there are kitchen gadgets I need. And I added in things like blu-ray copies of movies Garrett likes. Because it’s not like any of that kitchen stuff is really for him. The boy is as happy with frozen CPK pizzas as with anything I can whip up in the kitchen.

So, this week we’re finalizing the guest list, taste-testing hors d’oeuvres, finalizing a new photography plan, I’m working on a birdcage veil, and visiting some giant junk store that is promised to be amazing. I had my makeup done and spent a whole lot o money on buying everything they used on my face, so that’ll be up soon as well. Oh, and I’m hopefully starting to assist another photographer in town, so updates on that soon as well. And, I will hopefully have a fun surprise for you by mid August, but we’ll see…