Things I Like: Ribbons

Ribbon is pretty. Since lots of ribbon is even prettier, I think weddings that use long, colorful, flowy ribbons hanging from trees, chairs, lights, and so on, are just fabulous. I am really liking how they are used in the photos below and love how I can almost feel the breeze just by the way the ribbons look like they’re playing.

Ribbons on chairs:

{ Aaron Delesie via Style Me Pretty }

{ photo by Timothy Teague image via a small town bride }

{ chair decorations by Ariella Chezar image via Snippet & Ink }

{ photo by Jose Villa image via Design Sponge }

{ Lisa Lefkowitz via Green Wedding Shoes }

Ribbons in trees:

{ images via Snippet & Ink }

{ image from Southern Weddings }

Ribbons, ribbons, everywhere!

{ photo by
Meg Smith image via Wedding Cabaret }

Or, ribbons AND flowers (Bougainvillea anyone?):

{ photo by her awesomeness, Punam Bean }

{ photo by Elizabeth Messina }

What do you think, do they remind you of…Medieval Times? Rhythmic Gymnastics? Or do you like them?