A Conversation about Colors

The second question vendors ask me after “when is your wedding?” is “what are your colors?” and then they diligently write it down in my file. Last week, I felt like I was failing at some bridal test because I couldn’t name the type of green I wanted at the wedding during a vendor meeting. I finally just said “I don’t know–any green! Maybe not olive? What do you think? Yes olive?” I watched her watching me trying to come up with a correct answer without a Pantone book, and that’s when I thought, man, I could really use a Snippet and Ink inspiration board right about now!

[#343 from Snippet and Ink]

[#294 from Snippet and Ink]

[#383 from Snippet and Ink]

Introducing, in all their summer vineyard laid back whimsical glory, our colors!: poppy red, blush, green and white. The first board comes the closest to what I’m aiming for–what would I do without Snippet and Ink??

The boy chose red because it is a lucky color in Chinese culture, and I rounded out the rest of the group with green and pink, a favorite color combination of mine. I’m really happy with the poppy red and think it will make everything pop in the photos!

What are your colors? I promise I won’t make you look stupid if you can’t list an exact shade from the Crayola crayon box. :)