Captain Jack

Last week DJ and I met with our officiant. Actually, we took our officiant and his wife out for sushi, since they’re our friends. Our friend/officiant always reminds me vaguely of Captain Jack Harkness.


So, Captain Jack. We asked him to do the job partly because of his stage voice, but also because he and his wife seem to like being married.

He’s really enthusiastic about officiating, which was surprising and awesome. He already had a tabbed file of ideas, sample ceremony orders, and instructions for obtaining a marriage license. After going through an online ordination process (type credit card, print certificate) he called the Lake County offices to find out what paperwork they needed to legally recognize him.

And… nothing. Apparently unless someone challenges his authority to perform weddings, it’s all good. Even better, if at least one of the parties being married believes he has the authority, it’s a valid marriage. Cool! I believe, I do.

Anyone else having a friend officiate? Any stories, advice, warnings?