Somebody Loved

A package came this week, full of envelopes. Envelopes addressed by someone else, someone who took a great deal of effort to coordinate her lettering with one of the invitation fonts. Someone I miss very much, and her calligraphy makes me miss her and her husband more. They were my “college parents,” bringing me chicken soup with matzo balls when I was sick and scolding me for bad boyfriend choices and inviting me to Jewish holidays even though I’m not at all Jewish. I miss them.

Time is love, and this took some time. The writing is delicious. I’m sure it was done with a nib and ink – you can see where it has depth. Yum.

Look at the whimsical swishes and flair! I don’t write this way. This is more than good handwriting.

I’m trying to tell myself that they need to go in the mail. I mean, really. That was the whole point. But they’re so pretty, I’d like to keep them all.