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Vintage Monogram Inspiration

One of the most inspirational blog posts for me so far has been How to Design Vintage Monograms by Vintage Glam Weddings. So, my official first day that I was absolutely 100% completely and totally done with grad school, what do I do? Oh, you know…went back to Lehigh and checked out a book on monograms. Guess I just can’t stay away from the place.

But oh.em.gee. I found the coolest book I have ever seen.


The Alphabet of Monograms by Henry Lillie. Oh, can’t find it on Amazon? Hmm, maybe that’s because ISBN numbers weren’t around in 1865. How cool was it to pull that book out of the stacks and open up the front cover to find:


Yup, 1885. Pretty neat I think. Anyway, on to the fun stuff.

While it would have been way too nice of Mr. Lillie to think of us back in the 1800’s and make us an awesome monogram, no such luck. There were, however, CK and CKJ (would work beautifully if he would take my last name :) ).

Here are a couple pages from the book: A, C, and M.


{ all images taken from Alphabet of Monograms by me }

If you want me to check if your initials are in here, let me know! I’d be happy to look.

Is anyone planning on using their (or better yet creating their own) monogram in their wedding? Are you going vintage, contemporary, art deco…? I’d love to hear your ideas!!