Ok, so I have read so many blog posts about changing/not changing/hyphenating/merging names, so I thought I’d weigh in with my decision.

Vince and I have a very unique situation.  His last name has always been Klue.  He moved here 10 years ago from South Africa with his biological mother and his step father who has always been a true father to him.  Over the past 10 years this relationship has grown, and he and his step father are as close as a father and son could possibly be.  He has also had no contact with his biological father during these years.

When Vince and I began discussing marriage, I mentioned that while I love my last name-I definitely want us to share the same name.  However, the Klue name means absolutely nothing to me as I have never and will never meet the man who shares that same name.  I told Vince that as much as we both love and respect his “step” father, I would love nothing more than to take on his name rather than Klue.

Fast forward to this week.  Vince’s step father OFFICIALLY and LEGALLY adopted my 28 year old fiance on Tuesday.  This has been a very exciting and emotional week as we have been sure of this decision for a long time, and it means the WORLD to Vince and to his Dad that they are legally father and son.  SO, after the adoption was final, Vince was able to legally take his step father’s last name.

I love that we had this unique situation for a lot of reasons-one of them being the fact that Vince and I are BOTH getting new last names around the same time.  I am taking a last name that I am proud to have.  A name that comes from one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met (his father).  I feel so honored that he is going to be my father in law, and I’m so happy to share his name.  I also like the fact that I’m not the only one changing my name, and we are both going to have  a new name, and begin the first line of this name here in America!  Amazing!

So, that’s my situation. Unique, huh–but I think it’s pretty cool :)

Oh, and since I have to have a picture in every post, here’s a picture of my wedding band that I got today!  I am SO in love with it!  (although I don’t know why my hand looks so man-ish!)


What about you chicas?  Do any of you have a similar situation?  Anyone out there combine your last names to make a new name?  That is always so interesting to me, but I’ve never met anyone who’s done it…