Tasting the foods

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I didn’t have to cook Tuesday night, because we had loads of hors d’oeuvres at our venue, The Summit Club in downtown Birmingham. We decided against a seated dinner (Garrett likes buffet style, I would’ve been fine either way really, but seated dinners are more expensive anyway), so for our taste testing we tried some of the heavy hors d’oeuvres available. Mini BLTs, roast beef on sourdough with horseradish sauce & baby arugula salad, phyllo baskets with balsamic glazed vegetables, andouille sausage on puff pastry with stone ground mustard, bacon wrapped scallops, and twice baked new potatoes.

(author’s collection)

Before we were even engaged, Garrett joked that the only thing he cared about for the wedding was that we have bacon wrapped scallops. When he found out that it was an option, and that they weren’t any more expensive than the other options we were considering, he was sold. We loved everything, but the phyllo baskets were too flaky and crunchy, which made them messy and difficult to eat. Too much basket in one bite. So we decided against those. And the andouille sausage was tasty, but a little too normal. We’re also thinking of having a station with pepper crusted pork loin with apple bourbon sauce and rolls and a shrimp and grits station. We didn’t get to taste those, and I especially want to make sure Garrett approves of the shrimp & grits since he’s more picky about his Southern food than I am. And, I’ve already tried it and know I like it (one of the weddings I was assisting with photography was at our venue!).

It was really nice to get to try the foods but I have to make the tough decision about how much to order (they are priced by piece, and I know some people will eat more than one of some of them and other people will have none of others. I think we’ll also have some fruit and salad, what do you think? Which of our picks for hors d’oeuvres are you immediately drawn to, and are there any you wouldn’t touch? (I feel like scallops would be like that for a fair number of people.)

I’ve been pretty busy, we have a DJ now (one of Garrett’s friends volunteered, and I’m sure to be asking y’all for suggestions to submit to him soon), I have a ton of makeup (and I debate against using it all on my face everyday and saving every precious, expensive drop), we’ve had to reconfigure our guestlist (to accommodate a bunch of extended family members we weren’t planning on inviting, but it looks like to keep peace we’ll be doing it), and I’ve met with a letterpress that will be designing our invites (only about a month till they go out, eek!). So, full steam ahead, and I can’t wait to get married!