Try though I did, the tail end of last week ran away from me and I never did manage to post again before the wedding and now it’s official – we’re married!!! The weekend was incredible. Things popped up out of nowhere, plans changed, rain clouds came and went, and much merriment was had. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t change a thing. M and I may just be the luckiest and most loved people in the world, or so it seems today in the afterglow of the warm embrace of so many beloved friends and family.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone for your support and friendship in the last months and especially in the last several weeks. We have already seen some incredible photos from our photographer and I can’t wait to share them with you! For now, this behind the scene glimpse will have to suffice…

{Photo by a family friend}

Tomorrow morning we’re off to Bar Harbor, Maine for the week – I’ll be back soon with lots of goodness to share! xoxo