Playing Dress Up: Part 2

Last time we left off I was trying on dresses in the $2k-4k range. After that day, I promised myself–no more trying on dresses over $2k. Under $1k? Even better!

[Yes. That is me. Checking the price tag.]

My favorite dress during that trip was Silaba by Manuel Mota–barely under the 2k mark. But at least I was making progress! :)

That dress also made me realize how much I adore lace. I LOVED the lace and couldn’t get enough of all of the beautiful details.

[What I liked most is that it made me look TALL!]

[Checking myself and the gorgeous lace out.]

[Silaba by Manuel Mota. The detail on this train was so pretty.]

But something wasn’t right. This dress, and none of the dresses I tried on really knocked my socks off, despite all of them being drop-dead gorgeous designs.  I didn’t find THE dress on this trip, but I was getting closer!

My next stop? Nicole Miller! Read more in Part 3. :)