Playing Dress Up: Part 3

By the time I visited Nicole Miller, I had already memorized all of the dresses on the website. I could have told you if something was new or removed, same goes for the J.Crew Weddings site. Some might say this is obsessed or crazy, but I just like to think I’m thorough in my research. :)

I finally got to try on some of the dresses I had been ogling for months.

[Nicole Miller FD0002]

[Nicole Miller D10014]

[Nicole Miller HG0016]


[I ALMOST bought this dress! I’m still in love with it! It is so so beautiful. This dress was their last one because it was discontinued, so the store was going to give me a discount. I fell in love with the daisies, aren’t they gorgeous?? It was a really unique dress, and I think it would have went well with our laid-back vineyard theme. Le sigh.]

Nicole Miller is definitely worth a shot if you are looking for a sophisticated, well-made dress. As you can see in the picture, the fabrics were beautiful. And at under 2k, I thought they were quite lovely at a decent (in wedding world terms) price point.

But despite having beautiful dresses, I didn’t buy anything here. And so my wedding dress search dragged on, right back to the dress gallery on into the wee hours of the night when I should have been sleeping!

Next post, I reveal how I found THE ONE and why I l-o-v-e blogs so much that I want to give them all a big gigantic hug. *HUG* :)