My Craftsman Makes a Pillow

My fiancé is handsome and intelligent and witty, and he’s incredibly crafty! You’ll never guess what essential wedding item he made last weekend. Here’s a hint:


Yes, he made our ring bearer pillow! After browsing many beautiful pillows from bklynpillow, Nick said, “I can make that!” And make it, he did.

On Saturday, we spent over an hour and less than $10 at JoAnn on fabrics and ribbons. We then spent the remainder of the day and night with Nick’s aunt and all of her necessary supplies: sewing machine, stuffing, needles, and a huge bin of thread. (Note: We didn’t craft the entire night, there was also grilled chicken and sweet corn and snickerdoodles and white wine to be consumed.)

First Nick traced two 11-inch squares onto the khaki fabric for our 9-inch pillow. He cut both pieces, and then he moved on to the circles. We scoured Aunt V’s kitchen for just the right size circles. We used everything from a salad plate to a Tupperware lid to a medicine bottle cap.

Before beginning to sew the pillow, we attached wide satin ribbon for our ring bearer’s little hands to slide through. (Brilliant idea from Aunt V!)


And then Nick tackled the sewing machine. He’s so meticulous, and he’s a perfectionist just like his bride-to-be (although I keep my tongue inside my mouth while crafting!).


He did an absolutely beautiful job sewing and stuffing, and just before he hand stitched the pillow closed, we slipped in a heart shaped button. How sweet!


Finally Nick stitched the ribbons onto the circles — one for my ring and one for his — and attached the entire piece to the stuffed pillow. He cinched it just tight enough to give a little ruffle to the fabric.


I love him! Did your groom-to-be impress you with any crafty projects?