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Handmade Moving Announcements

In case you haven’t noticed, I really love projects.  Like, when I am faced with a life event, my mind immediately starts racing about what kind of projects I can do and usually the more complicated the better.  See once I have an idea, it feels like a high at every phase from conception of the idea all the way until the project is finished.  This is what happened when I decided to send out moving announcements for our new house.

First, like everything in my life, I started my search on Etsy.  I found amazing letterpress, digital, and even handmade announcements.  However, none of them were just right.  When I am searching for something, I can’t explain it-I just know when I see it that it’s what I’m looking for.  This habit makes it very difficult for anyone to help me in my searches.

After etsy, I started thinking about moving, and boxes.  Then I thought it would be neat to use cardboard to make some sort of postcard to mail to our loved ones.  After about an hour walking around Michael’s trying to get ideas, I settled on some pretty vintage paper and some moving scrap book stickers.

From there, I went to the liquor store to do a little dumpster diving for boxes (classy, I know).  I also went to the post office and grabbed a few address stickers and some priority mail stickers (both free).

Here is the finished (very affordable) product:  I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!





So there you have it, handmade moving announcements that were fun, cheap and pretty easy make!!

Did any of you brides/new homeowners send out moving announcements?