Finding THE Dress

Recently I went dress shopping with a friend of mine who is also getting married in 2010. The owner of the store just happened to be there, and she said to us, “You girls spend HOURS on the Internet looking for the perfect dress and come in with all sorts of pictures you’ve found. And what good does it do? No girl ever comes in here buying the dress that they fell in love with on the Internet. I bet I’m right about you girls too, my theory never fails.”

Well smooth-talking shop owner, your theory failed with me! Bwahahahaha! Because I bought THE DRESS that I fell in love with on the Internet. More precisely, one of my favorite wedding blogs (right after EAD of course :)), Style Me Pretty. If it hadn’t been for my obsession with wedding blogs, I would have never even seen this dress in the first place.

[Brier Rose by Kitty Chen Couture]

I did not know who designed it when I saw the posting on Style Me Pretty, so I immediately left a comment, and then proceeded to post a call for help on my blog. I was that excited about it! Luckily because of the wonderful world of wedding blogs,  it didn’t take more than an hour for someone to reply that it was designed by Kitty Chen. Kitty Who? I had never heard of Kitty Chen, and none of the salons I had visited carried her line. The funny thing is that Kitty Chen is based in San Diego, just like me. Dream dress was just waiting in my backyard the entire time.

That weekend I went to go try it on.

[The front]

[The back]


And I loved it. Lace? Check! Fabric flower? Check! A little bit of bling? Check!

Budget? Almost! Let’s do some research!

I went home and called a couple of other salons to inquire about the price, and found it being sold cheaper at a shop an hour away. I called the first salon to ask if they could match the price, and they agreed! It saved me $300, and for that I am so glad that I called around.

After about 6 months of searching and a lot of tulle, chiffon, and silk, I found my dress while casually making my daily wedding blog rounds. The dress is scheduled to ship in October for alterations, and I cannot wait! I am so excited to try it on.

Did anyone else find their wedding dress via the Internet or a wedding blog? Any other Kitty Chen brides out there?