My DIY Birdcage Veil


Hoorah! I finally finished my birdcage veil. It’s small because I didn’t want anything over my whole head and I didn’t want it to come down too far over my face either. I spent a lot of time with pieces of the netting, pinning them to my head with bobbypins and asking Garrett what he thought to make sure he wouldn’t hate it (because I want the person I’m marrying to like the way I look, afterall).

I goofed when I ordered the netting off of ebay and got ivory instead of white (my dress is white) so I decided to add a white accent to it. Hence the white flower, which I made with the help of a tutorial featured on EAD. I bought some feathers from a hobby lobby for maybe $2? I have a lot of them left over. I used silky liner fabric for the flower because it was cheap and I liked the texture. That was $2 or so and I have a lot of it left over as well. The netting was about $15 for 3 yards. I only used about 20 or so inches, though I cut two other pieces first that were shorter and changed my mind. I bought some combs to attach it to, and ended up using one. I sewed the flower to it first, then the netting (the more difficult part) and then stuck the feathers in.


I secured it with gorilla glue (professional, I know) and the underneath looks like a crazy mess but it works and I really like it. I had to use a bobby pin to pin down the part closest to my ear so it wouldn’t stick up, but it’ll be simple the day of and I won’t be worried about placement because the rest of it is in place. I think it was a rewarding process, but I won’t be selling veils any time soon. I’d be willing to help people do theirs, but I’d want them to have a part in it.

So, what do you think?