Fine Etsy Finds

I know most of you have already discovered the amazingness that is Etsy. But aside from a jewelry tree I bought for my mother almost two years ago, I hadn’t made any purchases … that is until I started to plan my wedding.

Hello clutches and earrings and hankies and cuff links and cake toppers! Where else can you so easily work with a seller to craft a customized piece just for you? And every seller I’ve contacted has been nothing short of fantastic.

I’m buying two gifts for my bridesmaids via Etsy. First, earrings. Because I want to match the ruby red earrings to the girls’ dresses, I’ve ordered the following samples and will return the two that I don’t choose:


{from HeatherlyDesigns}


{from ThePeachTree}


{from phoebetreasure}

I also found a huge selection of clutches on Etsy, and I couldn’t resist getting one for each of the girls. The clutches from Fiaz Co are just beautiful, but they’re slightly out of my price range. I like La Vita Lola and Girl by Aileen, too, but in the end I went with the “sophisticate bow clutches” from KaraMiaSofia. They’re fun and funky and just big enough to hold the essentials.


{from KaraMiaSofia}

I decided to choose six different damasks for my six lovely ladies:


I also found perfect gifts for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom, but I can’t share details since they both read my posts. And, of course, I couldn’t forget the Groom. I found something pretty nifty for him, too. But he also reads this blog, so you all will just have to wait until after the wedding to hear about my other fine Etsy finds! (You won’t have to wait too much longer, though … only 29 days to go!)

How about you? Did you turn to Etsy for personalized gifts, too?