NYC Engagement Photos by Missy

As you read, my fiance and I recently took a practice engagement shoot with my sister.  Good thing we did, because if I dare say so myself, we did a lot better on our real engagement shoot.  And guess what?  They’re here!  I just got home and unwrapped the most fantastic gift I’ve received to date – my 225 incredible engagement photos by the fabulous Melissa Murphy of Missy Photography (whose services we won in a blog contest back in March!).

The contest I won was originally for Missy’s services and photos for the wedding day and day-after, but when I requested we switch the day-after shoot for e-photos in NYC (Dave and my previous stomping ground and Missy’s current one), she happily obliged.  I’m sure glad she did because I am obsessed.  Not only are the pictures, the color quality and artistic shots breathtaking, but I am downright giddy and 100% in love that we have pictures at Columbia University, our alma mater, where we spent 70% of our dating relationship.  I can’t wait to show our kids the photos and point out the places we used to sit at, drink at, eat at, picnic at, meet up, etc.  I have just become a huge supporter of picking engagement photo locations that mean something to you rather than pretty sites – although if they’re also beautiful, it doesn’t hurt.  :)

Finally, before I share with you some of my favorites – I just wanted to mention Missy.  The reason I entered the contest is because I loved Missy’s photography (and had it vetted by a dozen family members before I entered), so I was confident I would be happy with our photos.  Naturally however, since I hadn’t yet met her, I was nervous about our rapport.  Within 5 seconds of meeting Missy however, I realized it was impossible not to like her, and rather, I fell in love with her!  She is super sweet, laid back, talented, easy going and cute, but also gives you enough direction so that you don’t look like a fool lost in space walking around.  Dave and I are ecstatic that she is our photographer and already, I give her a high recommendation.  Not only is she fabulous, but she sent me the edited photos within a week~!

Ok, here are some of my favorites from the ones Missy posted online.  (As you can see, I nearly posted them all, it’s so hard to choose – there are SO many I love).   I also have a gazillion others I love that will be revealed at later days (probably as STDs or guestbook photos).  You can also find more on Missy’s blog.












and here is one gem of many they I loved, even though a belly is party blocking us!