The boy saw my dress…and other traditions I am not following

After The Professional Bridesmaid asked why I was bucking tradition by letting the boy see my dress, I thought it’d be a good post topic—traditions I am not following! I should preface this post by clarifying that I’m not disrespectful to all wedding traditions—heck, I’m a girl who will be wearing a white dress and has bridesmaids with {potentially} matching outfits! But I’ve definitely given thought to which ones I’d like to include and not include, and what would be best for the both of us.

Wedding traditions we are breaking:

+I am letting the boy see pictures of me in the dress.
If he was at all interested in dress shopping, I’d probably take him with me! But he’s not (*cry) and I don’t mind if he sees the pictures at all. I don’t feel particularly comfortable with him picking something to wear without me, so I showed him pictures of me in dresses and asked his opinion to be fair. We’re putting a lot of our energy and money into this event, and I just feel like each item we’re spending money on should be discussed. That includes the dress. Good thing the dress I fell in love with received a “looks good” comment from him, otherwise we’d have an entirely different problem on our hands. :)

+I do not want only my father walking me down the aisle.
I love my Dad. I’m pretty sure I fit the profile for “Daddy’s little girl” being the youngest in the family. But I’m uneasy about walking down the aisle with just my father, only to have him pass me to my fiancé waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I’m also uneasy about leaving out my mother in this equation. She raised me and took care of me like my Dad—why shouldn’t she be walking with us too? We have three alternative options we’ve thought of:

– The boy and I can walk down the aisle together –OR-

– The boy and I can walk down the aisle with both sets of parents -OR-

– I can walk down the aisle by myself

+I do not want our ceremony to end with 1) “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” or 2) “introducing for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. His Name”.

1) I think we might change this to read “I now pronounce you married, you may now hug and kiss” or something along those lines! Any suggestions? Perhaps “you may now kiss the groom”? :)

2) Where did my name go? I find this introduction completely unfair. I have a name too! And it’s cuter than the boy’s!

How about you? Are you breaking any traditions?