Wedding day details: Pre-ceremony!

Before the ceremony, we had some time to hang out at our venue and just relax a bit.  We were certainly unorthodox, as I was wandering around checking on last-minute details, and dr. dave and I saw all of my guests before the ceremony even started!  It was great being able to mill around and greet guests and friends before the ceremony, and it certainly made me feel so warm and happy knowing that all my family and friends were there for me.

I like this shot of my dad watching my sister and I give each other a good luck kiss before the ceremony started.


This was our cellist for the ceremony.  He and dr. dave’s brother played a beautiful orchestral version of “Love and Some Verses” by Iron and Wine for the processional.  It’s a song that we both love, and hearing it made my heart swell with joy!


These mason jars were originally for the mantle of the fireplace, but when we moved the ceremony indoors we decided to line the aisles with them.


A far-back shot of the ceremony as people began to arrive!


Dr. dave’s brother putting up some of our day-of details (as dr. dave and I both hold onto him!)


Just another beautiful picture of the herb pots…one of my favorite parts of the day!


Here’s a photo of the pennant flags we made for guests to wave during the recessional and as we ran out at the end of the night. More on those to come!


I decided to crash the boys’ room before the ceremony for a few laughs.  Dr. dave’s groomsmen were a fantastic bunch of guys and they had a great time!


My dad and I also had a chance for a little quality bonding before the ceremony.  He looked so handsome in his first tux!


Counting down things to do and making sure we had everything we needed for the ceremony!


Here are the girls, waiting for their cue!


I love this picture of Dave grinning and my mom turned around looking for me…she was beautiful and so calm that day! So inspiring.


This around-the-corner shot of my Dad and I getting ready to walk still makes my heart flutter.


I think his face says it all… a dad getting ready to give away his baby daughter!  We had quite a few tears that night.


And here we go!!!


Up next: The ceremony!

Much love,