Our “Grand” Entrance

I kind of cringe when I think of entering the tent at the reception. The thought of music playing and someone announcing us into dinner just sounds really uncomfortable. I might like to pour my little planning heart all over the Internet, but I don’t like being the center of attention in the real world! I know, big problem with having a wedding in which 200 sets of eyes will be on you. I’ve already casually mentioned to some people that we won’t be doing a grand entrance, to which they replied, “then, when are you entering the tent?”

“Um…I’m going to come in when everyone else is going inside?” Yeah, they didn’t like that idea. What I wanted was for us to enter with everyone else, but be introduced at the very beginning by my sister (the emcee). This is my flexible plan of action as of now.

So, my dear EAD readers, I have two questions for this incredibly brief post.

1) Are you doing/Did you do a “grand entrance” and if so, what song will be/was playing??

2) Do you think it’s awkward if we don’t do a grand entrance? Will people even realize we didn’t do one and think “man, what are Mo and the boy doing sitting down already, shouldn’t they be doing a choreographed dance into the tent right about now?”

Or perhaps we can think of a happy medium. Your thoughts?