I have a love/hate relationship with inspiration boards.  I LOVE to look at them….but I somewhat “dislike” making them…am I the only one?  Maybe it’s because I’m so critical of my own work that I never seem to be happy with the balance of the boards that I make…but the ones I’ve seen around the blog world…absolutely inspiring.

Well shortly after booking the venue (we’re talking hours here) I decided to just get on with it and make my own…knowing the venue along with the look and feel I was after.

(Oh did I mention our colors yet?!?…yeah ok well there’s a quiz at the end…see if you can figure them out on your own ;) )

OK my first go:

row 1: style me pretty, jennifer brum, saladito’s flickr photos via a farmhouse wedding row 2: browers photography, amy squires, TBC row 3: style me pretty, jcrew, punam bean photography

My second board…well actually I didn’t make it…Emilia over on Veiled Vows did…(I LOVE her blog!)

from Veiled Vows

And now…with 10 months to go (eeeeek) I decided to give it another shot…having months of blog searching under my belt…and a clearer vision of what I want:

(click on it to make it bigger!)

sources: twinkle jars, welcome, pictures, clothes, windmill, table, bride with maids, colors, cakes, jars, sign, baggo, jars/candles, masonjar, cookies.

So can you see the rustic/country theme we’re going for slowly developing??  This latest board really highlights a lot of the individual details I’m hoping to include…yard games, wooden signs, cookies, jars…etc.

So did you figure out our color scheme??  The last board kind of gives it away…purples, greens, and gray!  It seems like this color scheme is all over the place lately.  Purple has always been my favorite color…and one time I saw purple flowers paired with green ones at Trader Joes…and I decided right then and there that they would be our colors!!  Anyone else using one of their favorite colors as part of their color scheme??  How about inspiration boards…how different was your final one from your first?