Stationery Thursday – Calligrapher Spotlight

I feature a lot of calligraphy both here on EAD and on Oh So Beautiful Paper, and that’s mostly because I just can’t see enough calligraphy myself!  To me, beautiful calligraphy is truly a work of art, one that can definitely enhance an already beautiful wedding invitation.  When trying to decide on a calligrapher, I recommend trying to find a calligrapher whose style matches your overall wedding style – from modern handwriting calligraphy to traditional calligrapy with lots of wispy flourishes.  I was recently introduced to the calligraphy portfolio of Grace Edmands, and I absolutely fell in love with her lovely style of traditional calligraphy with a touch of whimsy:







Isn’t her work beautiful?  You can check out more of Grace’s work, as well as inquire about rate information, on her website right here!

{photos via Grace Edmands}