Why You Should Enter Contests: Our E-Pics

Last March, like Kasia, we had the good fortune of winning a free engagement session with the lovely and talented Jessamyn Harris. The contest called for a unique idea for an engagement shoot, so I sent in the story of how the boy and I ate noodles at 2 in the morning while we were still getting to know each other. It was a really dirty hole in the wall, the kind of place where the smell sticks to you and you have to wash your clothes afterward. I loved it.

Unfortunately it got torn down, so as a commemoration to that first night, I thought it’d be sweet to take pictures at another noodle joint. We met Jessamyn in San Francisco Chinatown, and she was ready with her cameras, some sample albums to show us, and FOOD!





After we left the restaurant, we took some fun shots around Chinatown.





Lucky for us, Jessamyn sent us a disc of all the images she took that day. I’m really glad that her style is as realistic as possible, but I still wanted to play a little to see what they would look like with a more vintage look. So, I turned some of our photos into polaroids using Poladroid. It’s easy, free, and I love the results!




[All images by Jessamyn Harris, polaroids made using Poladroid]

After the session, we booked Jessamyn because we loved the pictures and thought her personality meshed well with us. We’re quiet/somewhat shy personalities that don’t really like people telling us what to do, and Jessamyn was the perfect blend of being able to direct us while being gentle and friendly. We can’t wait for her to shoot at our wedding!

How did you choose your engagement picture location? Is anyone else addicted to Poladroid like I am? :)