Wedding Shoes and Traditions

Mr. and I took a trip up to Maine this week, and on the way up we stopped at the outlets in Freeport. I had no intention of buying anything, but he suggested that we stop in at Nine West, just in case I might find some shoes for the wedding. No really I promise, HE suggested it to ME. Anyway, I walked out of there with these:



{ photos by me }

What do you think? I’m still not 100%, but I like them a lot. I knew I wanted blue shoes, but…I’m curious to hear your opinions.

I think I have already shared that I will absolutely not be hurling my beautiful bouquet across the room and really would rather not isolate all the single ladies (all the single ladies…now put your hands up) in an attempt to catch said bouquet. Instead, there’s a Turkish wedding tradition that I read about on Blue Orchid Designs blog that says to have all your single female friends sign the soles of your wedding shoes before the ceremony. It is said that the name which has worn away the most by the end of the night is the next woman to get married. An autograph session would totally would be a fun part of the getting ready process or even at a bridal shower, no?

So, tossing the bouquet: out. Turkish John Hancocks: in. Flowers are safe, single ladies still find out who’s next, and I have more of an excuse to dance like I’ve got a degree in it at our reception (not that I needed one)…everyone is happy.

What do you think though, should I keep looking? Not sure if blue suede screams wedding shoes, but I think they’re cute!

I leave you with my favorite picture from our trip:


{ photo by my automatic timer :) }