Running of the Brides Happy Hour

Let me preface this by saying I am a researcher by nature and by profession….please don’t think I am crazy.

Back in March – just two months after I got engaged – I had already been to 7 bridal salons and tried on over 50 gowns. By April, my number had reached 100 but at that point I had also FOUND my dress – I just didn’t buy it.  Not only did I have to be SURE it was the One, I wanted to find it online or at a sample sale since I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a dress I was to wear once. I gave myself the summer, prime wedding season, and hoped brides would sell their gowns afterwards. Unfortunately, to this date, I still haven’t found MY dress at a discount. Along the journey however, I’ve been to a plethora of bridal salons, online sites, and sample sales – my most recent one being the Running of the Brides in Washington, DC.

It was a very busy week at work, and there was no way I would take the day off to sit in line at Filene’s all morning long. So I asked a couple of friends if they would like to join me for our weekly Friday happy hour at Filene’s instead of the local watering hole (which we ended up at afterwards anyway). Who knew that was the best choice? I walked in to a calm Filene’s showcasing a gazillion gorgeous gowns all hanging orderly on their respective racks.


I only bumped into a girl once, and found a dozen mirrors to use when trying on gowns. I was impressed with the quality and designers of the gowns (Ulla Maija, Kenneth Pool, Amsale, Lazaro, etc.) and heard several squeals from beautiful brides that found their One. I almost bought this ridiculously fabulous Lazaro dress but it was a size to small. While I had it on, 2 different brides asked me who it was.  I gave it to one of them once I decided I was not going to starve myself to fit into the gown.


I breifly toyed with purchasing this gorgeous A-line gown with a faux fur trip at the bottom, wanting to stop in the winter apparel section to pick up a matching fur shawl first.


The vision of a romantic snowy, winter wedding gave me goosebumps – until my friends reminded me I was getting married in June.  Ahem.

Not only was the shopping experience super relaxed, but while I was leisurely shopping for a dress, employees were restocking the racks with more dresses! I had an extremely pleasant experience and highly recommend that other brides go to the ROTB after work. I heard from an employee that not only was there was a line wrapped around 5 blocks that morning, but within 10 minutes of their doors opening, ALL of the gowns had been snatched OFF the racks and were being hoarded by entourages of brides. Can you imagine waiting all that time to get in, only to discover there were no dresses hanging for your perusal!

Quick!  I mean, not so quick.  Take your time, grab a cappucino and head to your nearest Running of the Brides…after you do all your errands that day.