Accessorize Me!

Our engagment pictures are less than a month away!  I’m super stoked…after stalking photography blogs and swooning over gorgeous pictures of the cutest couples…it will finally be our turn to strut our stuff in front of the lens!!

While out shopping this weekend…I found this dress (on sale!).


and Lance picked up this sweater (also on sale!)

both from BR

..and I thought..oh hey…those look cute together!  Maybe we could wear them for our engagment pics?!?  So I think we just might!  Here’s the problem…my dress is a little plain…it needs something.

A belt perhaps?

top from BR, bottom from Anthro

maybe some earrings?

Top 2 from BR, bottom left from Anthro, right BR

or a fun necklace?

left from Anthro, right from BR

I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to fashion and accessorizing…seriously…I’m expecting Stacy and Clinton to walk through my door any day now…

So please HELP ME!!  What do you think I need to add to this cute little dress to jazz it up for pictures??  I would love to hear any ideas you have!  Oh and what about Lance’s sweater…should he pair it with khaki shorts, jeans, nice pants….what do you think??