So I have an incredibly talented family, I just have to say.  My mom is making our amazing ring bowls that I’ll be posting soon.  My cousin is making us our awesome cake topper.  My brother has made our signs–and I’m so excited to share them!!  I fell in love with this image a long time ago, and knew I wanted to recreate it:


Now I should probably let you know that Vince drives a smart car.  This is hilarious, because he’s a pretty big guy, and it’s so funny to see him in such a little car…


See?  Funny, huh?

So, we are driving away from our reception in this car-and I wanted my brother who is a very talented carpenter to make the sign for me.  He came in town this weekend for my first shower (more on that later) and he brought it!!  Here it is!


AH!!  Isn’t it awesome!?  I just love it, and it’s exactly what I wanted.  He routed the letters and then burned the edges for the color.  It looks so great, and I can’t wait to create our “fake getaway”.  It’s fake because at our amazing venue, we are allowed to party a lot longer than the normal 4 hour time block.  We will be driving away for the photo opp-but then coming right back to enjoy another hour of our reception!!

My brother also made some signs to direct people to the wedding since it’s in the mountains and it’s a pretty confusing drive.  Here’s one of the signs…


So there they are…I am so excited about them!!

Next up…my mom’s ring bowls that we are using as favors.  They are amazing…