You win!

I’m going with lipcolor #1. To refresh your memory:


There were definitely way more votes for #1, 18 versus 10. It was really fun to see the comments pour in, I just got a blackberry and the entire weekend I was getting messages about my lip-color! It was like all my girlfriends were hanging out with me. The comment that initially won me over was Dawn who said,

“absolutely number 1!!! i can totally tell a difference between the two. i’ve worked as a makeup product developer for over 15 years so i spend my days analyzing tones of colors. number 2 is way too yellow for you and doesn’t photograph very well. number one is brighter and looks amazing with your eye color & skin tone!!!”

Plus Garrett thought he liked that one better as well, from seeing me wear both, until I said, “are you sure?” and then he wasn’t at all. So cute.

And, I promise to do a makeup tutorial soon for Lydia Joy, though I must say I haven’t mastered keeping my face from getting shiny with makeup yet. My face challenges powders and usually wins. I probably need to rediscover those oil absorbing sheets I was obsessed with in middle and high school.