Unconventional from the Start

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to be among the fantastic group of women on EAD who have documented their respective journeys down the aisle. You might already know a bit of my wedding story if you followed my wedding blog Eat, Drink, Marry, which I began shortly after our engagement and continued through our wedding over Memorial Day weekend. During our planning process, I relished the opportunity to tap into the bounty of inspiration and knowledge out there in the wedding blogosphere, through EAD and other great blogs out there. Now that the wedding’s over, I have a new home on the web: The Freckled Citizen. Old habits die hard, though — my new blog just happens to be designed in our wedding colors and oops, I posted a wedding photo just the other day! On to the fun details, then!

I’m originally from North Carolina and have bounced around for various degrees over the last decade (going to school is something I’m really good at, it turns out): Boston for six years, then New Mexico for five. Both cities brought out my love for place, culture, and politics. One night in Albuquerque, I met a cute campaign worker named Trevor in a bar and proceeded to engage him in the sort of feisty debate that I felt certain he desperately needed (he had that “in need of a challenge” look about him that night… know the one I mean, ladies?). By the time the bar closed, Trevor was either going to kiss me or never speak to me again, and luckily for both of us, he kissed me. On a street corner. With teenagers speeding by yelling at us to get a room. A Modern American Love Story, really.

Over the course of a nail-bitingly close election and several inseparable months together, Trevor decided to take a job in Dallas, a city he’d lived in off and on since his homegrown days in Connecticut. After six months of long-distance love and wracking up more free flights on Southwest than I’ll ever have again, I followed him to a city I swore I’d never call home. Nine months after that, Trevor proposed.

For someone who had long rolled her eyes at the concept of a “fantasy wedding” and the huge dress/Prince Charming/castle scenario (I’m a policy wonk and have been in my share of protest lines — Cinderella wasn’t for me), being engaged was an interesting conundrum. On the one hand, I love entertaining, meaningful ceremonies, personal details, and was genuinely thrilled to marry Trevor in front of the people we love. But on the other hand, I dislike being the center of attention in personal situations, am uncomfortable with several wedding “traditions,” and felt strongly that if our wedding didn’t feel like us — full of personality, a tad unconventional, and with a big sense of humor — then it wasn’t worth having in the first place.

In other words, we had our work set out for us. The easy part? Deciding where to get married. Our wedding would be in my very favorite place, the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

A beach wedding, then. But how to really make it our own? That was the question…

Wheeeee! Celebrating our impending nuptials under the Kitty Hawk Pier
Wheeeee! Celebrating our impending nuptials under the Kitty Hawk Pier

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