Bridesmaids’ Colored Veils

It’s 9 months from my wedding date and I still haven’t chosen my bridesmaids.  It’s not that I don’t know who I want in my wedding, contrary, I know exactly who I want and they total to 11 amazing women.  I am postponing the inevitable however because personally, the idea of asking 11 mature women to wear matching  outfits does not sit well with me…but on the other hand, I have no idea what I want them to wear to make them look a little in sync.  I am going to be a little frank…Ive been a bridesmaid 6 times in the past 3 years and have never felt my best in a matching bridesmaid dress.  My friends are extremely unique, energetic, flirtatious,  sociable and coquettish – and they will be the life of the party -  so I want them to feel good, young and hot.  Although I’ve long thought that will probably have them pick their own dresses in a color so they can find the dress that best suits their body type and personality, I’ve been anxiously obsessing over how I can make them look in sync, other than the traditional avenues  i.e. matching shoes, shawls, flowers, etc?  I think I finally got it.  Colored veils.

The idea first struck when I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic where the protaganist wore a hot pink veil.



Then I got the June issue of Vogue, where there was a mock wedding spread with a bride and her 5 bridesmaids all wearing black birdcage veils.  And so a melange of those two ideas kind of stuck – colored bird-cage veils.  I went to Michael’s a bought yards of colored birdcage veil fabric to experiment (as it was only around $1 a yard!).  I LOVE the way they are turning out.  Before I commit however, I am making these veils for my good friend Kate’s bachelorette party held in NYC in two weeks.  I’ve been making little birdcage veils as seen below for all of us and will share the picture with you when we are all dolled up.


From top left clockwise:  Blue veil from 10eisha on etsy, white veil from 10eisha on etsy, blue feather from 10eisha on etsy, picture from June 09 Vogue.

Have you found any new and unique ideas to make your maids look different but the same?  You know what I mean. :)