Little Beauty Secrets

I just wanted to let you know, in case you wake up to a zit somewhere dangerously close to the big day, that I found something that worked for me!

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I always use the neutrogena on-the-spot benzoyl peroxide (because it’s hard to find the cheaper off brands with a comparably low percent, and 10 percent dries skin out which can make it more irritated and break out more!!). I put it all over my face every night and dare the zits to come out. Somehow they still do when I’m stressed. And with wedding planning I’m definitely stressed.

So last night before bed I decided to dab a whole big blob of it onto a stubborn under the skin painful zit that had worried me for a few days. I didn’t rub it in. When I woke up, it had gone down completely! Me=impressed!

I’ve heard that toothpaste can dry out zits and I think I even tried that when I was younger. And a wedding coordinator told me that the men’s toner at the clinique counter (4 or 5) is stronger and that if you hold a q-tip with that stuff on it to a zit for a few minutes it’ll go away in a few hours. Good to try for ones you wake up with.

What are your little beauty secrets?