Summery Yellow and Blue

Something big happened during my wedding week…something bigger than a rehearsal dinner, bigger than a bachelorette spa day, bigger than getting my favorite peonies for the bouquets…

my best friend and bridesmaid Lisa got engaged!

Now, not only did she get engaged…she also managed to hide it from me for roughly 20 hours until I realized something was up and dragged it out of her.  Just goes to show what a great friend she is–she didn’t want to distract from the wedding at hand.  I’m SO glad she ended up telling me, though…it made my week that much more special and I’ve never been happier!

Lisa’s favorite color is yellow, just like her bright, sunny, cheerful, sweet personality…so I thought I’d create an inspiration board for her wedding that fits right in with her bubbly-ness!

{Clockwise from top left: Salt and Pepper shakers from MissGaylee‘s Etsy shop; invitations from Tulaloo‘s Etsy Shop; flowers from Martha Stewart Weddings; dress by J.Crew; car photo from National Geographic; boutonniere, Our Labor of Love Photography via OnceWed; shoes, The Studio Nouveau photography via Lucky Me!; dress, Anthropologie; bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings; cupcakes from Our Labor of Love Photography via OnceWed}

Yellow is such a fun, upbeat color, especially for such amazing and laid-back folks as Lisa and her now-fiance Eric.

I can totally see them using lots of Billy Buttons, the groomsmen in seersucker suits, Lisa in beautiful yellow flats, and the lovely couple driving away in a classic yellow car!

Lisa, if you’re reading this…you’d better let me help you plan your wedding! ;)

Much love,