One month out.

To all my fellow brides-to-be out there – this one is for you.

I feel a certain kindred spirit when I meet other brides. A few weeks ago, my bridesmaids took me to some very typical bachelorette party destinations around Boston and one of the many (many) highlights of the evening was getting to meet so many other brides. We’d drift toward each other, attract by the various tiaras and boas and other paraphernalia our friends had draped on us and hug and ask each other almost simultaneously, “When are you getting married?”

Some would say in a few months, some next month (like me), but more than one said, “Next week!” I couldn’t even comprehend (and still can’t) what they were feeling at that moment but I would just squeeze them tightly and say, “GOOD LUCK!”

Many of you are probably several months out, possibly even a year out or more from your wedding, and are wondering, what will it be like at the eight week mark? The four week mark? The one week mark? The one day mark? I know I was when I was in your shoes.

Well, here I am reporting straight from the trenches of the four week mark and I’ll say this – it’s not so bad. And I was never one of those relaxed, happy-go-lucky, “I’m sure everything will be fine” brides. I was the, “holycraphowwillwegetitalldone”, rocking and muttering to myself in the corner kind of brides.  Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit but it has not been a smooth ride for me by any means. At one point I was so stressed out that I gave myself shingles and had to start seeing a therapist (not in that order though).

But! I’m doing much better now. And I’m feeling pretty in control of my to-do list.

In case you’re wondering what your to-do list will look like at this point, here’s a snapshot of my own:

-thank you notes for showers and bachelorette
-hair and makeup trial
-figure out ceremony music
-obtain marriage license
-create aisle runner (we’re now doing more of a canvas “rug” that we will stand on top of with our logo on it)
-programs, menus, seating cards
-bridesmaids gifts
-groom’s gift
-walk thru at the venue (doing this today!)
-table names DIY project
-write vows
-finalize ceremony
-dance lessons
-create iPod playlist for band downtime
-schedule mani/pedi
-buy tea lights
-buy cards for everyone

I’ve left off a few things that are overly unique to our wedding but that’s pretty much what I’m working on! And to be fair, several of these have been done already. But that should give you an idea. It’s pretty daunting but also, pretty exciting.

As I wrote on my own blog a few weeks ago, even if none of this gets done, we will still have a wedding. People will come, the ceremony will occur, food will be served, and music will be played. The rest of this is just fun stuff. And I really truly am just looking forward to this wonderful day of celebration with the people who are dearest to me.

Every now and then I get this wave of nerves that flashes through me. And then I just take a moment and tell the part of me that’s so nervous about everything, “It will all be fine. We’ve hired a great group of professionals, we’ll have the love of everyone around us, everything will be wonderful.” And then I breathe.

At other times too, I get these rushes of pure excitement and emotion. Like the other day when I found the PERFECT card for A at Paper Source, I felt a lump in my throat and almost lost it there in the store.

It’s a roller coaster ride, to be sure. But I’m ready to face the next four weeks with excitement and determination.

Me in my very ridiculous bachelorette getup. Ha!