I’ll take that one there, please.

With 11 months to go and the school year right around the corner, I’m a bit more antsy to make some more decisions about the wedding. I’m not talking about cake flavors or napkin folds or anything, but I feel like it might be good if I had SOME sort of idea of what this whole shindig should look like, right?

I’ve spent hours upon hours looking at beautiful weddings and have bookmarked hundreds of inspirational images or articles that I’ve loved (I know y’all feel me), it really is just too much fun! But how do I choose what I actually would like at OUR wedding? I find it insanely challenging to take all the elements that we love and put it into one cohesive look for our wedding. We just like too much of this stuff. All you creative people out there…too much coolness!! I think the biggest challenge of all is making sure that everything blends in with the venue itself. How do these wedding stylists do it??

Enter Beth Helmstetter (and on my birthday too!). I have been absolutely obsessed with inspired by this wedding since I saw it a week ago on Style Me Pretty (see also II, III, and IV). It fits our secret garden meets Mediterranean rustic vibe perfectly…AND there are succulents!

Photography is by Steve Steinhardt and the event was designed by Beth Helmstetter.


Oh, and they have a Rhodesian Ridgeback, the same breed of dog we want to get next summer. It’s meant to be.



Favorite part? I feel like this is totally doable on a smaller budget. Lots of pillar candles (Ikea!), colorful votives (hello DIY), and save money on the florist bill by buying succulents directly from the greenhouse and plant them in advance. It might take some time to track down the right napkin wraps and fabric for the table runners at the right price, but I love the pops of pattern and color that they provide. And although all those flowers are beautiful, I think that even half that amount would still be stunning.

My only wish is that we can see more…the dresses, the bouquets, the invitations, the bouts…I’ll be keeping my eyes glued to Steve and Beth’s blogs patiently awaiting their updates.

I love how this wedding has just springboarded a ton of new ideas! Can you see something like the wedding above in our venue?



{ photos from our venue }

When did your wedding design click for you? What did you do to turn one idea into a cohesive theme/feeling/vibe?