Future Bridezilla?


I’m at that point in wedding planning where I’ve already made a LOT of big decisions but am not ready to tackle the smaller ones yet. So, there is nothing much to report except the lamenting to myself about my dress (that I do not yet have).

I’ve resigned myself to the fact I found THE DRESS and should just stop looking. It imprinted me – it’s fate (for Twilight fans). I found it a year before I even got engaged and after trying on hundreds of others it is still the ONE. Unfortunately however it is also $2k over my budget. Moreover, I truly had an aversion to spending that much money on one dress to wear one time. I tried to find it used, tried to find it at sample sales, and tried it find it on clearance – to no avail.

So even I was surprised when I told my fiancé last weekend that we needed to cut 20 people off our guest list so I can buy THE dress. This did not go over well. It’s not that I am a bridezilla (or is it?) but it’s my wedding and I can cry if I want too and I should wear my dream wedding dress right? I know what this sounds like…do you know what you sound like? Have you noticed yourself whining about the small stuff? Have you noticed yourself turning into (gasp) kind of a bridezilla? It’s happened a couple of times now….and I’ve still got 10 months. Yikes.