San Francisco Elopement Part II

Subtitle: Why people usually don’t try to get married on the 13th.

All images are from Olivia Leigh Photographie


I couldn’t sleep at all on the night before our wedding day. I had thought about getting flowers when we got to San Fransisco but it seemed like too much trouble (I can’t get around the city at all) and I called the florist too late to get a delivery. It bothered me. I wanted a bouquet. And then I talked myself out of it (what’s the point of a bouquet? I had fantasies about throwing it to a stranger post wedding, but outside of that I couldn’t see the point. Plus, ranunculus was out of season and would’ve required 2 weeks in advance to order from Holland). I eventually got to sleep and had a nightmare about my mom making me wear some flower wreath around my neck. Ick.


I’d had some contact trouble the day before, maybe from the San Francisco air, maybe because I am a very irresponsible contact lens wearer. Either way, I had neglected to visit the eye doctor before we left and I had no more contacts. So, I tried putting my contacts in the morning of August 13th but the left one hurt so I left it out. I’d get married in one contact. Good thing I’d seen the groom before. I was NOT going to wear my glasses on the biggest day of my life. So what if I couldn’t see.



I think our wake-up call was for 6:15 and Olivia (of Olivia Leigh Photographie and right here at EAD!) would be arriving around 7:45. I fixed my hair (I did it myself in a really simple updo. Remember Topsy Tails? Yeah, well, I made one of those (you don’t need the fancy plastic piece for it, just your hands) and pinned the ponytail underneath the base of the ponytail. Then I wrapped a piece of hair around the ponytail holder. I’m not sure if I have a good picture of it, but I’ll recreate and let you see sometime. I did my makeup, Olivia arrived, and it was showtime.


Next up, “going to the chapel”