Julia Gets Help

I am the girl with all of the projects. I haven’t even told you about some of them yet because I was afraid. We have friends and family to help, but I wasn’t sure how smoothly that would run without some serious planning from me. I’ve actually ranked them so that some could be jettisoned from the plan, if necessary.

A few weeks ago DJ’s mom (who early on volunteered to coordinate the day) admitted that she was worried. Worried that she wouldn’t be able to see the ceremony from inside the barn. Our ceremony is (knock on wood) outdoors. DJ’s mom. This was not okay! Our wedding was turning into a Cindermama situation, which is a lousy way to start with the in-laws.

Fortunately I’d been talking to Elizabeth of Anticipation Events in Chicago. The first thing I knew about her was that she writes a really friendly, professional e-mail. The second thing was that her resume is impressive. I mean, really impressive. Don’t take my word for it, go look. I’m sure it’s true, she also gave me references. References. She’s done some big stuff, my little wedding is not going to be any challenge. (Although I did send her a five page document of instructions. I was honestly surprised to hear from her after that, but I did – less than a day later.)

She made the haul out to see the Barn on a Saturday, to take notes and ask astute questions, and I feel so much better now. I mentioned lemons, she said to bring a knife and she’d chop them. I mentioned candles, she asked if I knew the burn time. Love that. It took her a matter of minutes to charm the socks off the Barn’s manager, who tends to be… not charming.

I’ve held off on talking about most of my vendors until I see how it goes. I’d rather not mention them if it goes badly, you know. But Elizabeth already did half of her job – I feel relaxed and excited. Full of anticipation, like the name says.

Anyway, I’d like to do something nice for Elizabeth. If you were my day of coordinator, what sort of gesture of appreciation would make you forget the five-page e-mail?