Wedding day details: Behind the scenes!

Well, I’ve shown EAD a lot of my wedding: the bridal party, the ceremony, and the flowers, to name a few recent posts.  What I haven’t shown you yet is any of the work that went into the week of the wedding!

One of the realities of a DIY wedding is that it’s a significant time investment, and could easily drive many a bride crazy, especially the week of her wedding.  However, the DIY details also definitely made our wedding: it kept it from becoming a cookie-cutter shindig, which was my biggest nightmare.  For any of you brides considering doing your own flowers, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak into what went on behind the scenes with the centerpieces and bouquets:


The sustainable centerpieces actually only took about 30 minutes (with 2 great helpers!) to complete all 24.


They were made up of live herbs, soil, and green moss.  The herbs were all replanted after the ceremony, and it’s so cool that reminders from our wedding are growing in people’s gardens!


Word to the wise: if doing your own flowers, do NOT get a manicure until after you’re done!  I didn’t even get a chance to do my nails at all, but it was pretty unnoticeable in the photos.  Also, it’s not really me to have my nails done anyway, so it wasn’t a problem!



We had to hit up some Rock Star after all that work…


And check out some stellar views to relax!


The day of the wedding, I had SO much help. Don’t know what I would have done without all my fantastic friends and fam.  If you are planning on going DIY, make sure you have enough help and enough TIME to complete all of your flowers! It took me about 2 hours to do 13 boutonnieres and 8 corsages.  The bouquets themselves took about 2 hours the morning of the wedding.


It was lovely to be in the midst of all those lovely flowers the morning of the wedding…and it took my mind off the looming rain!


Reminder: do be sure to have enough buckets on hand for all of your flowers.  Luckily we have many cats, so we have lots of cat litter buckets sitting around!


The finished product, waiting in jars for their big moment.


DIY flowers? Why stop there?  I definitely drove myself to my own wedding. We had a blast with all the girls in the car…and I’m sure our car smelled better than the boys’!

Thanks to Lisa for all these beautiful pics!

Much love,