Ribbons, Lanterns, and Poms??

I have liked the idea of hanging something from the ceiling of our venue for a while, but after finding out how much draping fabric costs (and realizing the amount of work that it would take to put it up) I kept my eyes open for other ideas. So far I’ve come across paper lanterns (is it bad that seeing them everywhere turns me off to them though?), I definitely like poms, and then there’s of course my love of ribbons. Twinkle lights would be lovely too, only they just wouldn’t have the same effect in the daytime.

Then one day I saw this tucked within photos of one my most favorite events ever featured on Style Me Pretty:


{ photos by Aaron Delesie via Style Me Pretty }

And then I discovered amorology weddings and saw that they featured the ribboned lanterns as well:



{ photos via amorology }

LOVE! Although I don’t think I want to use paper lanterns, I thought it might be nice to mix poms with ribbons hanging from the bottom instead.

So, I’m all ready to hop into photoshop and get to work or even head down to Michael’s to try it out, and then what do I see again in photos of another one of my favorite events on Style Me Pretty?


{ photos again by Aaron Delesie via Style Me Pretty }

These beautiful multi-flower poms are so great! Swoon. I love the different colors, and since I don’t think we are going to stick with one or two “wedding colors” I like this option. They have that same effect as poms, but the multi-colored poms and ribbons are different than the regular poms seen all over the place. They certainly seem like more work though.

Has anyone seen tutorials for multicolored poms like these?

Also, can you believe that two of these events were rehearsal dinners?? Goodness.