The “Wear Whatever” Concept

Is anyone who has bridesmaids letting them wear whatever they want? And what I mean by whatever they want, I don’t mean in a color scheme, I mean, they show up in any dress/suit/skirt they have and just stand up there with you? That was my initial thought for my two sisters, who will be standing up there with me at the ceremony. I’m the youngest, and it just felt contrary to my youngest sibling status to dictate what they would wear.

Well, much to my surprise, they vetoed the “wear whatever” concept and they told me they wanted to 1) wear green dresses 2) look skinny and 3) look hot. So I’ve been on the hunt.

[I LOVE THESE!! Dresses from Tony Chestnut, Photo from red photo co. via snippetandink]

[Photo from Derek Wuenschirs via offbeat bride]

[Photo from 10-Foot Poet via offbeat bride]

A couple months ago, sister 1 and I visited Bella Bridesmaid. She tried on A LOT of dresses. This was the winner out of the bunch, but we’re still not quite sure if it’s what we want. It would of course be in green and not blue (“pale jade” to be exact.)

[This is from Melissa Sweet’s 2010 collection]

But, we’re all loving that bold lime color in the first picture, which is completely different from the dress sister 1 tried on above, so we’re still debating about what look to go for!

Was the hunt for your dresses a group effort? Did you let the maids wear anything they wanted to wear?