Wedding Day Hair

I have straight hair.  Thick, fine, long straight hair that doesn’t hold a curl for more than ten minutes.  Oh, also I twirl my hair so if there are any stray pieces on my wedding day they will end up being long, straight, strings hanging from my head – boy, doesn’t that sound attractive!  And to make matters worse, I have never successfully had my hair “done” by a professional – they always underestimate the amount of hair/type of hair I have and it ends up looking a hot mess.

I could tell this was going to be a major task for the poor soul I hired to do my hair for my wedding.  So, I decided not to rely on a person at a salon up in Cashiers who would only see me the day of – I needed a practice run, and as it turns out, I needed several practice runs.  I talked to my regular hair stylist who has been cutting my hair for the last five years and thus understands my issues, but she doesn’t really do “up ‘dos”… Luckily, she has a friend whose bread and butter was in wedding hair and I contacted her immediately.

Our first trial went badly. Very badly.  She spent probably two hours curling, teasing, pinning, etc. to no avail.  I left with no ‘do and pretty soft curls that were straight by the time I got home – Brian said “I thought you were going to get your hair done?” when I got home… Fortunately she was not discouraged, in fact she was even more motivated to conquer my hair and make sure it was what I wanted on my wedding day.  We scheduled another time to meet up for a trial and this time… SUCCESS!  Here are the pictures of the ‘d0:


Left Side

Right Side

Initially, I wanted something a little neater, but I that this is different and unique, but still simple.  What do you guys think?  How did you decide or how are you deciding about your big day hair?  Any road blocks or has it been smooth sailing?

I’m also planning to put something in my hair (where the obvious pins are in the first picture), but I think I’ll save that one for another time…