Our Brewpub Rehearsal Dinner

We have had our rehearsal dinner venue booked since February….our wedding is next June…16 months in advance if you do the math.  In fact…I had it booked probably a week or two after we officially booked our ceremony/reception site.  You wanna know why??  Well when this girl knows what she wants….she KNOWS what she wants….and I just so happen to love fresh locally brewed beer.  Yep I said it…I love beer.

just a sampling of the different brewpubs Utah has to offer…pic by me!

I have always (well since I’ve been 21 anyways) had a thing for micro-brews.  Seriously, when I get to the micro-brew part of the beer aisle I’m like a kid in a candy store…picking between a Wheat or a Pale Ale is such a hard decision for me!  So once Lance and I started dating he really had no choice but to go along with my beer snobbery.  Even now, whenever we go somewhere new or are on a trip, we make it a point to eat at whatever local brewpubs we can find!

So once we knew for sure we would be having our wedding in Lincoln, I instantly suggested Lazlo’s for the rehearsal dinner!  While in college Lazlo’s was by far my favorite place to grab a bite to eat and a delicious beer!



The largest room they have holds about 70 people, and is connected to a billiards room with a pool table, tvs, and a private bar which is all included with the room rental (oh and private bathrooms too)!


pics from Lazlo’s website

…but probably the best part about renting these rooms is that we get them for the entire night (till 1am)…along with our own bar and bartender!  You see the majority of our guests will be coming from pretty far out of town…and although we would love to invite them all to the rehearsal dinner itself it just isn’t possible with the budget we are working with….or the size of the room!  But….because we get the area for the entire night…we were told that we can invite anyone we want up for a “social” after the dinner!  So instead of going out to some bar to meet up with friends/family after dinner…we can all just meet right there…in our own private party area!  Is it just me or is this not the best deal ever!  Seriously…I am really stoked about this aspect of renting the place…I love that we can turn our dinner into a social and invite all our out of town guests to come mingle with us!

I will definitely be sharing more with you about our rehearsal dinner as we plan it!  I can’t wait to pick the menu, decorations, invites….I want to try and make it totally different from our wedding theme…this should be fun!!