So we’re like, really getting married

Do you still have those moments at all? I mean, with all the planning and such, sometimes it doesn’t feel real yet.

We just had our first meeting with our pastor and he walked us through exactly what the ceremony will look like. Everything between who will sit where, who comes in when, different ceremony options, music, and where we face each other. Wow. I just get SO excited every time I realize that this whole thing is real! :) But, the biggest lesson I learned today?

{ image via polyvore }

I am absolutely going to need waterproof mascara. I was tearing up just being there by ourselves!! Oy.

Anyway, I’m very excited to start this process with our pastor. Two things that I got (idea-wise) from our meeting today:

-Receiving line (sorta): I didn’t really want a traditional receiving line, so I liked this option. After we initially leave the sanctuary with our bridal party, Mr. and I think we will head back and greet each row instead of having the ushers allow each row out. After people leave, they can hang out in the meeting area and then we can still do a send-off out the main doors of the church. Which leads me to…

-Our church send-off: We can’t do rice, birdseed, or anything that leaves stuff on the ground (no big loss on our part, didn’t want that anyway), so I was thinking of going with my love of ribbons and possibly making those ribbon wands I keep seeing everywhere.

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{ photo via Wilton }

{ photo via Your Best Wedding }

What do you think about the wands? You all know my love of ribbons…I’d love the color it would add!

So yeah, do you still have those moments? When does it/did it hit you the most that you’re going to be standing at the altar with your love?