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Library Vendor Spotlight: Andria Lewis Events

We’re starting a fun new series on EAD – Library Vendor Spotlights.  The goal is to give you a glimpse into the minds of our fantastic Library vendors and let you get to know some amazing people from the wedding industry just a little bit better (and hopefully of course to give you some inspiration along the way!).

Our first Library vendor spotlight is the utterly adorable Andria Lewis of Andria Lewis Events.  Her blog is called The Planner Pages and she’s based out of Memphis, TN but serves all of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.  You can find her on Twitter too!


EAD: What is the single best piece of advice you can give to brides and grooms as they begin to plan their event?
AL: Slow.Down. My biggest frustration for (not with) brides/couples is that as soon as they become engaged they run out and start visiting every, single, little venue they’ve ever passed on the street. They begin having appointments with florists and caterers who either are not their style or who are way out of their price range. Then, when they become overwhelmed and frustrated they call a wedding planner. I hear SO often, “Oh, why didn’t I hire you from the beginning?!”

Even if a couple is not hiring a wedding planner, I want them to know that it is most important to slow down and do some research and be flexible in your dates and wants. It is also important to know that the word ‘perfect’ does not exist in the world of weddings. Your wedding will be great! But, it won’t be perfect. And that’s okay.

If budget is limited and there was one item that you advise splurging on, what would that be?
The splurge item will vary from couple to couple. I’ve had brides who couldn’t care less about a single flower. I’ve also had brides who spend months developing their menu. Whatever that one thing is that will cause you regret if you don’t do it, that is your splurge item.

Tell us a little about the creative process of working with a bride and groom from your perspective.
After meeting with new clients for their first detail meeting (which usually takes about three hours), I take two weeks and begin their creative process. Be it researching and visiting venues, developing and designing their theme or what have you. Each couple’s needs vary but I always spend quality time developing a solid plan before we do anything.

Do you have any inside tips for cost cutting?
I’m not a fan of finding cost cutting. Let me explain. For a 300 person wedding, it’s going to cost what it is going to cost. My job is to bring that realization to the table and make the best use of my client’s dollars. I try to make sure they get the most from their dollar by utilizing my vendor relationships. I’m pretty good at getting an extra or two thrown in for my clients.

You’ve clearly been exposed to a lot of weddings – what details do you tend to remember?
The music and the food. Plain and simple.

Are there any recent trends that you love? Any that you wish would have never become a trend?
I rather wish tulle had never been invented.

Show us some of your fabulous work!
These images are from my couple’s July 2009 wedding. The reception venue sits just under the bridge that connects Tennessee to Arkansas and hovers over the Mississippi River. I designed the reception to include a lounge area on the deck below the bridge. This was a par-tay!




Photo Credits: Studio Aesthetic

Andria, thank you so much for stopping by EAD to chat today!  I love your great attitude and down to earth nature – you’d be a joy to work with for any bride and groom!

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