I am surrounded by some amazingly generous women who have showered me with love and affection (and lots of sugar!) at two recent bridal showers.  The first, hosted by my bridesmaids, was the last weekend in July and the second, hosted by my co-workers, was just last week.  Though I’m not big on being the center of attention (despite the fact that I’m an only child AND a Leo), I had a blast at both showers.

The first was a weekend full of fun events, but the actual “shower” was held at Williams Sonoma, which has recently started hosting private cooking parties for those that are registered there (amazing, I know!).  We got to watch as a professional chef cooked up an amazing meal and then we got to dig in (and boy was it good!).  Here are some pictures from the event (oh, they also take pictures for you so all the attendees can enjoy the party and not worry about documenting!):






This is the cute apron the hosts bought and had all the attendees sign!

The second shower was hosted by the lovely women in my office and it was a DESSERT shower.  Oh my was it good (I had the sugar coma to prove it!).  Here are some pictures from that one:


The amazing dessert table (complete with cupcakes from my favorite little place in Charlotte!).


Yes, we had champagne at work.



One of the hosts, Maddie, called Brian and asked him all these questions to fill in a MadLib “Letter from the Groom” that she  read aloud (I’m not including the ridiculous picture of me laughing so hard I’m basically spitting my champagne across the room… it wasn’t very attractive….)


All of the ladies I work with!

I still have one more shower (I know, I’m a very lucky girl!) coming up in September, which is being hosted by Brian’s family friends up in Louisville.  I can’t wait to tell you all about that one soon!

Have you had a shower yet?  Aren’t they the best (even if you are attention shy like me)? It’s pretty wonderful to celebrate this time with the ladies you love!