Why Don’t I Just Tell You What I’m NOT Allergic To?

Normally I take my camera to every vendor appointment so I can document everything for you lovely readers, but I remember being frazzled the day of the tasting, so unfortunately I have no pictures of the food! But I’m happy to report that the tasting went well, not only because the food was tasty, but because one of the first questions they asked when I first contacted them was “Do you have any allergies?”

Why yes I do, thank you for asking.

Allergies and I are like best friends. I have so many minor allergies to food that when we have tasting menus at fancy restaurants I don’t even bother telling the waiter what they all are because it’s just kinda embarrassing to list off ten items. It’s nothing life threatening, more annoying than anything. My tongue and throat get really itchy for about 20 minutes and I have to gulp water to help make it go away. And it’s mostly fruit. Apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, Asian pears, honeydew, cherries, lychee, kiwi, cucumbers, almonds (fun fact: almonds are a part of the peach family. It’s the only nut I’m allergic to) and probably a lot more I can’t think of right now.

Ordering at Jamba Juice is not fun. (“Could I get the Peach Pleasure without the peach?”)

So when they asked me before the tasting if I had allergies, it was a huge plus in my book. The menu was edited to include mostly berries instead of apples and pears–sweet.

I’m excited about our menu, which is Italian-themed! It includes a pasta bar (yum!), prosciutto wrapped shrimp, bruschetta, beef crostini, grilled veggies, salmon skewers, sea bass and scallop skewers, and a walnut and berry salad. Add a glass of wine and some sweets and we’ve got ourselves a par-taaay. Minus the cucumbers or pears. :D