Be My Bridesmaid?

Pre-wedding blog reading Steph would have just called and asked her friends/sisters to be bridesmaids…

Wedding blog junkie Steph knew that asking her friends/sisters to be BMs required something a little bit more special…I mean after all these girls are gonna be by my side on the big day and destressing me when the time comes so why not show them how much I appreciate them from the get-go?!?

Taking inspiration from posts via Miss Ducky on Weddingbee and the Budget Savvy Bride herself…I set off on my first official wedding related DIY adventure. Be My Maid cards!

I liked how BSB cut out sketches of dress styles she liked…and I liked that Miss Ducky used pictures on the front of the cards of her and the girl she was asking…so I did my best to put these two ideas together.

step 1: make dress sketches. drinking wine is optional but highly recommend.

step 2: trace and cut out favorite sketches on pretty purple Martha Stewart cardstock…add cute details with silver pen.

step 3: find cute font and print out whatever text on inside of grey cardstock paper…I don’t remember the font but I’m pretty sure I got it from dafont.

step 4: use bone folder to create that perfect crease!

step 5: affix cute dresses to inside of card with glue dots (best thing ever!)

step 6: adorn with cute stickers to add a little flair and round the corners with corner rounder (both optional)

step 7: find cute pics of you with your “besties” and print them off. i liked the blk/white look with the cards instead of color so I went with that. affix pic to purple cardstock and attach to front of card with glue dots to give it some dimension.

step 8: decorate outside of card with whatever else you got in your craft stash…ribbon, edge cutter, stickers, etc.

step 9: print out names in pretty font..unless you are blessed with pretty handwriting…and trace onto vellum envelopes with black sharpie.

step 10: insert card into matching envelope

step 11: throw in some cute initial note cards and the oh-so-popular ring pop and send them on their way!

Sorry for all the smearing out of names/dates…gotta keep some things private.

So thats 3 BMs…and the other 2 are my sisters. I didn’t have any pictures with them so I made their cards a little different. They actually turned out way cute too but I didn’t snap any photos! I just put a bunch of the cut-out dresses on the front instead of a picture.

All the girls seemed to really like them…what do you think?