Dress Shopping

Even though I’m too superstitious to show you my actual dress (well, I guess I couldn’t even if I wanted to – I don’t have a picture of it!), I couldn’t not talk about that part of the wedding planning process – it’s one of the best parts!  The pictures I’m including here are from my first trip – there were three main contenders, all pictured below.  Which one do you think was my favorite?

The first one is from Melissa Sweet’s Reverie line.  The style is Eze.

Dress 1_A

A close up with a more “me” veil:

Dress 1_B

A view of the back (try to ignore the clips holding it up!):

Dress 1_C

The second one is by Jim Hjelm, style 8800

Dress 2_A

The amazing back of the dress:

Dress 2_B

Dress three is style 1330from L’ezu:

Dress 3_A

Do I like it better with a sash?

Dress 3_B

The beautiful back – I love the organza pleats!

Dress 3_C

So which one do you like best?  Which do you think was my favorite?  I tried on seemingly millions and while these three were the obvious favorites, I knew none of them were “the one” – I just didn’t have that feeling, you know?

But don’t worry, I did find “the one” and it is perfect.  I can’t wait to share it with you guys… you just going to have to wait until after the wedding!